Artiqfox, how do you make your figures so shiny??

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I am by no means an expert... I stumbled my way here by asking a ton of questions, research, failing, but also getting great advice from other artists. I've been getting more and more questions lately about what products I use and how I get my resin figures so shiny, so I thought it might be useful to put together a collection of tools and things that I use for every project!


If you are working with a master 3D model that was printed using a resin printer, like the one shown in my photo, you can remove the support structure with these nippers...

Needle files

Necessity for hard to reach seamlines!

Sanding pads 

These are great, they are stiff and thin enough to still reach most of the areas I need to remove seamlines, like around the feet for example!

Flitz polishing compound

This stuff is gold in a bottle... You can actually get pretty far using this without a buffing wheel if you aren't ready to make the purchase for a lathe or bench grinder just yet. I do recommend a bench lathe though... It cuts down the time tremendously. 

Bench Lathe

This is the one I use, it's a workhorse, easy, variable speeds, and I love it.

Polishing buffs

Any cotton polishing buff will do, apply a little Flitz to your model and run it under the buff, and keep going until you achieve the level of shine you are looking for. These will need replacing...

Shop towels

For wiping off excess polishing compound or literally everything... 

Other sandpaper I love:

3M Sanding sponge

Wet/dry sandpaper

Polishing paper

I actually used this before every getting my hands on a buffing wheel/bench lathe. It takes lots of patience to get a model totally smooth and shinny, but if you have time and not a lot of money, these will still work... eventually! 

I hope to keep adding pages overtime as I get asked more questions! Thanks for getting this far!!! Good luck!


*Some of these links are affiliate links, but this is good!! It's a small way to make passive income to hopefully help keep the production flowing with my figures!