The fox behind the art(iq)

Hi, I am Jaime, aka Artiqfox :3

I am a 3D designer, toy artist - I design and create collectible resin art toys. 

I am the creator of Wisplings- my line of resin art toys. Wisplings are elemental (but not limited to) spirits that help guide us through dark times. They represent hopefulness, happiness, and that light inside that keep us going. My hope for them is simply that they bring you joy! 

My background is in 3D modeling, and I have a passion for 3D printing. Most of my work is sculpted digitally first, printed then molded & cast!  

Before my journey in resin, I worked as a 3D designer, modeling toys for Hasbro. I got the opportunity to work on licenses such as Star Wars, Frozen, My Little Pony, Marvel and a host of others! While I enjoyed working on some of these IPs, I was ready to start my own, so Wisplings was created!

This past year I have had the honor of being in a few Custom Designer toy shows. I am still honing my style and skills in this field so commissions are not an option at this time. I would love to offer that someday!! So if you are looking for one-off pieces please stay connected to my Instagram as I will post all of my up coming shows there!

My drops are limited as I am a one woman studio! I know drops can sometimes be frustrating but I am learning and trying new ways to make this as fair as possible. Please stick with me as I learn and grow. I also want to mention that I reserve the right to cancel orders for any reason. 

With that said I am an approachable person!! So if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out <3