Round 2 of Spark-ling the fire wispling resin art toy, LE40 Gold Flake

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This is Spark-ling! He's a sparky little fire wispling who's oblivious to love! This Gold Flake (I know I know, what a creative name!)  Spark-ling is here to remind us of keeping up hope even in the darkest of times. <3


*Limit one per customer please <3 *

Spark-lings are my own character design- they are cast in solid resin and meticulously hand polished to a high shine and are not painted or glazed. For this edition I used a super clear resin and added sheets of 24k gold torn into pieces. Since these are hand cast there will be slight variations in the way the gold flakes settled in the resin or could have more or less flakes, but each one is up to my standards, and if you have followed me for a while, you know they are high! :3

These will be ready to be shipped out this week. I like to get orders out as soon as possible but this is the biggest drop for me in one week so please allow extra time on these.


H: 66mm

W: 49mm

D: 37mm

*Spark-lings are meant as collectable art figures and are not meant for children.
**Yes the 24k gold flakes are technically edible but please don't try this.