'Riotling' Ash-ling Fluff Riot x Artiqfox Collab

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This is Ash-ling... The baby Spark-ling! They are mischievous and must not be left alone!  

FLUFF RIOT x ARTIQFOX Collab "Riotling!!!!

LE20 (12 available online)

*Limit one per person please <3 - orders with more than one will be canceled*

These are custom pieces handmade with love by me! Kristy Kitsune (Fluff Riot) and I teamed up to bring you this amazing colorway! We are very proud of this one! These are cast in solid resin with added glitter and a trio of pigments!! Since these are hand cast please keep in mind there will be slight variations with each piece - making each one unique! Some are darker or lighter than others, or perhaps some are more or less glittery but they are all beautiful in my opinion. ^.^
They are also hand polished and finished to a high shine and are not painted or glazed. This process is time consuming but the level of quality on the finish is worth it!

These have been premade and will be shipped out in 3-5 days! 

Approximate size:

H: 43mm

W: 38mm

D: 28mm

*Ash-lings are meant as a collectable art figure and are not meant for children.
**They look good enough to eat, I know... but please don't!