'Spectrum' Spark-ling TaskOne X Artiqfox

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This is Spark-ling! He's a sparky little fire wispling who's oblivious to love! This Spectrum colorway is a collaboration between Task One and myself.  

Spark-ling is here to remind us of keeping up hope even in the darkest of times.

Limited edition of 80

*Limit one per customer please <3 *

Spark-lings are my own character design- this drop was masterfully cast and painted by Task One and coated with a thick epoxy coating to give them that super glossy finish!

These are ready to be shipped! I like to get orders out as soon as possible but this is a big edition so please allow a little extra time for them to ship out. Thank you!


H: 66mm

W: 49mm

D: 37mm

*Spark-lings are meant as collectable art figures and are not meant for children.

**Please don't attempt to eat the Spark-ling, he doesn't taste good.